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Tradespeople employed in the Electrical industry are responsible for the installation, erection, maintenance, alteration or repair of any wire, cable, conduit, busway, raceway, support, insulator, conductor, appliance, apparatus, fixture or equipment which generates, transforms, transmits or uses electrical energy for light, heat, power or other purposes.

Related Instruction Requirements

The Electrical program provides the required relate instruction for apprentices registered in Connecticut as an E2. E2 apprentices are required to complete 720 related instruction hours.

Electrical - E2 Course Outline

Year One (180 Hours)

Basic Safety, Introduction to Construction Math, Introduction to Construction Drawings, OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training for Construction, Orientation to the Electrical Trade,Electrical Safety, Introduction to Electrical Circuits, Electrical Theory, Introduction to the National Electrical Code, Device Boxes, Hand Bending, Raceways and Fittings, Conductors and Cables, Basic Electrical Construction Drawings, Residential Electrical Services, Electrical Test Equipment

Year Two (180 Hours)

Alternating Current, Motors, Electric Lighting, Conduit Bending, Pull and Junction Boxes, Conductor Installations, Cable Tray, Conductor Terminations and Splices, Grounding and Bending, Circuit Breakers and Fuses, Control Systems and Fundamental Concepts,

Year 3 (180 Hours)

Load Calculations: Branch and Feeder Circuits, Conductor Selection and Calculations, Practical Applications of Lighting, Hazardous Locations, Overcurrent Protection, Distribution Equipment, Transformers, Commercial Electrical Services, Motor Calculations, Voice, Data and Video, Motor Controls,

Year 4 (180 Hours)

Load Calculations: Feeders and Services, Health Care Facilities, Standby and Emergency Systems, Basic Electronic Theory, Fire Alarm Systems, Specialty Transformers, Advanced Controls, HVAC Controls, Heat Tracing and Freeze Protection, Motor Operation and Maintenance, Medium-Voltage Terminations/Splices, Special Locations,  Fundamentals of Crew Leadership 

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