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Policies & Procedures

Admission Requirements - Apprenticeship

Licensed Trades: Registered apprentices interested in enrolling in the related instruction courses for licensed trades need to provide proof of registration upon application by submitting a copy of current apprenticeship card as well as including sponsor contact information in the Company section of the application. Interested applicants who have completed apprenticeship related instruction courses or vocational training at other institutions should also submit transcripts of all previously completed coursework.

Non-Licensed Trades: Persons interested in registering for related courses in a non-licensed trade as outlined in this catalog (carpentry, masonry) do not need to be registered apprentices to apply to the program, however, those registered as apprentices with the Department of Labor should provide the same proof as indicated above.

Apprenticeship Grading Policy

Final grades are weighted between classwork, online coursework and tests. The weighted system calculates grade items as a percentage of a final grade worth 100%. 

Test scores in the apprenticeship program are based on the percentage of correctly answered questions of total questions on exams. Grading schedule is as follows:

  • 100% - 90%= A
  • 89% - 80% = B
  • 79% - 75%= C
  • 74 and below = F

Students with test scores under the passing percentage can elect to re-take the test. 

Passing grade for the course is a 75% or higher.

Admission Requirements - Other Course Types

Unless course description indicates license requirement, persons registering for courses should be employed in the construction industry or have construction experience.

Description of Tuition & Fees

Tuition for courses other than Apprenticeship/Craft Training include a $25 nonrefundable registration fee and the cost for course materials unless otherwise noted. Apprenticeship/Craft Training tuition includes a $250 nonrefundable registration fee and the cost for course book.

Late Registration

Late registrations may be permitted for apprenticeship courses and all inquiries should be made to the Education Director. Registration for other courses will not be accepted after the course begins.

Attendance Policy

Apprenticeship: Students are expected to attend all classes (virtual and in-person), thereby completing a minimum of 144 – 180 hours per year of classroom instruction. Students enrolled in a course using NCCERConnect will not be allowed any absences for online homework and only two absences a year. These students will be issued a warning indicating that a 2nd absence will result in suspension from the program for the remainder of the year.  Students may be required to complete make-up classes at their expense (calculated at the instructor’s pay rate for the required hours) for proper completion of required course work. This policy will be strictly enforced.

Conduct Policy

The school reserves the right to dismiss any student whose conduct is deemed to be unsatisfactory. Unsatisfactory conduct may be theft, use of alcohol or illegal drugs on the school premises, failure to abide by school regulations, assault upon another student or a staff member, destruction of property, insubordination to a faculty or staff member, disruption of classes or activities, students who are found in possession of or under the influence of drugs or alcohol on school premises, students who threaten or deliver any student or staff member with physical harm and students who willfully destroy school property will be immediately dismissed.


All programs and courses are measured in clock hours. Students who complete any individual course or group of courses will receive a transcript documenting hours completed. Also, a certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of an apprenticeship level with number of hours. Student will receive a diploma upon completion of the entire term of apprenticeship. All tuition must be paid before a certificate, diploma or transcript can be issued.

Replacement transcripts, certificates and diplomas are subject to a $25 replacement fee.

Employment Assistance

Construction Education Center, Inc. does not provide employment assistance, nor does it guarantee employment to any student.


Located in Plainville, Connecticut, the Construction Education Center, Inc. can be easily found off of Exit 32 from I-84. Our training facilities include two dedicated didactic training rooms and 3,410 square feet of hands-on training room space.  Additionally, the CEC rents classroom space at locations throughout Connecticut in order to provide increased accessibility to the courses provided.

Construction Education Center
35A Robert Jackson Way
Plainville, CT 06062

Termination by CEC

The school reserves the right to terminate any student prior to course completion upon determination that the student is not complying with school conduct policies, failure to make any financial payments, unsatisfactory academic progress and attendance. A student who has been dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct may be considered for readmission at the discretion of the school administration according to the Appeal and Reinstatement policies found in the School's Course Catalog. Students may also file official complaints according to the procedures described in the catalog under Student Complaint procedures. Tuition charges in cases of termination will be made in accordance with the school’s cancellation and refund policy.

Withdrawal by Student

A student may voluntarily withdraw from the program and may notify the CEC in writing or verbally. Please refer to refund policy. Appropriate transcript will be provided.

Refund Policies

Professional Development Courses: Tuition will be refunded less $25.00 up through one week prior to the first class date. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded.

Medical Gas Installers Course: Tuition will be refunded less $250.00 up through two weeks prior to the class. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded.

Safety: Tuition will be refunded less $25.00 up through one week prior to the first class date. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded.

Apprenticeship: Tuition will be refunded less $250.00 up through two weeks prior to the first class date. Cancellations after this time will not be refunded. Monies will be refunded within forty five days of notice of cancellation.

Class Scheduling Policy

CEC reserves the right to cancel any course or class due to circumstances beyond CEC’s control, such as insufficient enrollment or inclement weather. In these instances, all tuition will be refunded or class rescheduled to a later date.

Complaint Policy

The Construction Education Center does not have any policy nor does it act in any manner which discourages or prohibits the filing of inquiries or complaints regarding the school’s operation with the Executive Director of Higher Education. 

A complaint should first be filed with the Director of Education. The Director will review the complaint and resolve the issue. If the complaint cannot be resolved, the student can formally submit a complaint with the Executive Director of Higher Education in writing to; Office of Higher Education, 450 Columbus Boulevard, Suite 707, Hartford, CT. 06103, by phone (860) 947-1816, or visit the website  

Additionally, apprentices, instructors, curriculum performance evaluators, and module test proctors may also submit a written statement to the NCCER Audit Department at should no satisfactory response be given by the Director of Education.  NCCER will investigate and provide a response accordingly to all parties.

Non-Discrimination Policy

The Construction Education Center does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, nationality, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, age or other protected class in any aspect of administration or its educational and admission policies or practices.

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