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Plumbing Continuing Education for the 2020-2021 Renewal Year

The Construction Education Center is an official provider (#1275) of Continuing Education classes for plumbers in the state of Connecticut. It is mandatory for licensed plumbers to attend continuing education classes for a total of 5 CE hours for license renewal. Journeymen are required to complete continuing education hours every odd numbered year as a condition of license renewal. Contractors must complete continuing education hours every even numbered year as a condition of license renewal.

The 2020-2021 class will include instruction on: 

1. Water Temperature Limitations

2. Water heaters used as space heaters

3. Required pan under water heaters.

4. Pans and tankless water heaters and pan drain termination, finished basement requirements

5. Elevation of water heaters and spark producing equipment in garages

6. Third Party Certification

7. Changes to FOG requirements

8. Requirements of 2015 “Connecticut State Fire Prevention Code” NFPA Codes now in force

9. CSST requirements for bonding

10. New Gas Purging Regulations

11. Connecticut Supplement: Amendments to the 2012 International Plumbing Code. Numerous Changes, Additions and Deletions to IPC. Amendments to 2012 IRC Plumbing and Gas Piping Sections (several AMD, ADD, and DEL)

12. 2015 IPC Significant Changes

13. Dryer vents, changes (Do’s and Don’ts)

14. Permit exempt activities in Building, Plumbing and IRC codes with explanation of changes 

15. Geothermal regulations update

16. Combustion Air IRC, Chapter 17

17. Penetrations of fire rated walls and required fire stop elements

18. Posting of inspections

19. Changes from Dept. of Health/DEEP regarding dry wells for Low Flow Wastewater Treatment.

20. Update on Apprentice Ratio changes (DOL)

21. CT. Supplement: IECC a. (ADD) R101.5.3 Energy efficiency standards for products, Sec. 107.3 (DEL) Work commencing before permit issuance, Sec. R402.4.1.2 Testing (HVAC Blower Door Test) b. Sec. 403.2.1.1 (ADD) Duct insulation values,

22. IECC: Residential Sections R403.4 to R403.4.2 , (Pipe Insulation) (changed)

23. IECC: a. Commercial, Sec. C404.5 to Sec. C404.7.3 Pipe insulation, Hot water systems control, pools and spas, Heaters, time switches, covers (Sections changed) 

24. Top OSHA Violations for the last year. (Focus 4) a. Fall Hazards b. Ladders c. Struck-by

25. Med Gas NFPA 99

Attendees are required to have access in class to:

  • 2015 International Plumbing Code soft cover book or
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code & Commentary soft cover book or
  • 2015 International Plumbing Code in an Electronic Format (e-viewer, PDF, CD-ROM)
  • A functioning calculator
  • Your plumbing license
  • A photo ID


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