Electrical Continuing Education for the 2019 Renewal Year

The Construction Education Center is an official provider (#1275) of Continuing Education classes for electricians in the state of Connecticut for the 2019 requirement. It is mandatory for licensed electricians to attend continuing education classes on a yearly basis. For 2019, four (4) CE hours are required for license renewal and the class must be taken before renewal. 

The 2019 class will include instruction on: 

Connecticut General Statues:

  • Sec 20-340 Exemptions from licensing requirements  
  • Sec 20-332b Hiring ratios re apprentices, journeymen and contractors
  • Sec 20-332-15a Employment of apprentices
  • Sec 20-332-15-a(f) How to register an apprentice
  • Sec 20-332-16 Prohibited acts. Records. Lettering
  • Sec 20-335 License fee. Continuing education requirements. Expiration and renewal
  • 20-338a Work required to be performed by licensed persons
  • Sec 20-338b Building permits applications. Who may sign
  • Sec 20-338c Work not to commence until permit is obtained
  • Sec 20-340 Exemptions from licensing requirements
  • Sec 20-341 Penalties for violations

Ratio of apprentices to licensed tradesperson: 

  • Review 2017 changes to apprenticeship ratios pursuant to Public Act 17-76, and reference attached ratio chart (include in handout booklet).
  • Review and discuss the attached “Ratio Relief Form” for additional apprentices when additional licensed tradesperson’s cannot be hired. 

2018 Connecticut State Building Code

Reference NFPA 70E and the appropriate charts for categorizing Hazards/Risk [Table 130.7(C)(15)(a)] and the appropriate Protective Clothing and PPE [Table 130.7(C)(16)].   Include in handout and discuss regarding proper usage and need for personal protective equipment as it relates to the following items: head protection, hearing protection, eye and face protection, respiratory protection, safety belts, harnesses, lifelines, lanyards and proper hydratio

Silica Standards

Confined Spaces

2017 NEC CODE CHANGES – Section 90, CHAPTERS 1, 2 & 3

All license holders attending classes are required to have their own copy of the 2017 National Electrical Code as well as a functioning calculator.

For more information about continuing education, visit the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection web site, or call us at 860.529.5886.

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