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Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal workers make, install, and maintain heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning duct systems.

Related Instruction Requirements 

The Sheet Metal program provides the required related instruction for apprentices registered in the State of Connecticut as a sheet metal (SM2). Each year 144 hours of related instruction are covered, meeting the minimum sate requirement. Over four years an apprentice will complete 576 hours.

Classes are held twice per week.  Online courses are not available.

Sheet Metal - SM2 Course Outline

  • Year One (144 Hours)

    Basic Safety; Intro To Construction Math; Intro To Construction Drawings; OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training For Construction; Intro To Sheet Metal Trade; Tools of the Trade; Introduction To Sheet Metal Layout & Processes; Trade Math One; Fabrication One - Parallel Line Development; Installation of Duct work; Installation of Air Distribution Accessories; Insulation; Architectural Sheet Metal

  • Year Two (144 Hours)

    Trade Math Two; Trade Math Three; Plans and Specifications; Fabrication Two - Radial Line Development; Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards; Bend Allowances; Soldering

  • Year Three (144 Hours)

    Basic Piping Practices; Fiberglass Duct; Air Properties and Distribution; Air Systems; Principles of Airflow; Louvers, Dampers, and Access Doors; Comprehensive Plan and Specification Reading; Fabrication Three - Triangulation

  • Year Four (144 Hours)

    Advanced Architectural Sheet Metal; Shop Production & Organization; Air Testing & Balancing; Introduction To Welding Brazing & Cutting; Fume and Exhaust System Design; Fabrication Four; Intro Skills For the Supervisor

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