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Tradespeople employed in the HVAC industry install maintain and repair systems that control the temperature, humidity, and total air quality in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Related Instruction Requirements

The Heating, Venting, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) program provides the required related instruction for apprentices registered in Connecticut as an S2 or D2. HVAC technicians, also known as a D2 license holder in the state of CT, are required to complete 432 related instruction (RI) hours and journeymen, S2 license holders, are required to complete 720 RI hours. At the CEC, D2 apprentices complete two full years of apprenticeship training and need only 72 hours the third year to complete the 432 required RI hours.

HVAC - D2 Course Outline

  • Year One (180 Hours $2,029)

    Basic Safety, Introduction To Construction Math, Introduction To Construction Drawings, OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training For Construction, Introduction to HVAC, Trade Mathematics, Basic Electricity, Introduction to Cooling, Introduction to Heating, Intro to Air Distribution Systems, Basic Copper and Plastic Piping Practices, Soldering and Brazing, Basic Carbon Steel Piping Practices

  • Year Two (180 Hours $1,850)

    Trade Math Two, Trade Math Three, Plans and Specifications, Fabrication Two - Radial Line Development, Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards, Bend Allowances, Soldering

  • Year Three (72 Hours)

    International Mechanical Codes, NFPA Standards

HVAC - S2 Course Outline

  • Year One (180 Hours $2,029)

    Basic Safety, Introduction To Construction Math; Introduction To Construction Drawings; OSHA 30-Hour Outreach Training For Construction; Introduction to HVAC; Trade Mathematics; Basic Electricity; Introduction to Cooling; Introduction to Heating; Intro to Air Distribution Systems; Basic Copper and Plastic Piping Practices; Soldering and Brazing; Basic Carbon Steel Piping Practices.

  • Year Two (180 Hours $1,850)

    Trade Math Two; Trade Math Three; Plans and Specifications; Fabrication Two - Radial Line Development; Sheet Metal Duct Fabrication Standards; Bend Allowances; Soldering.

  • Year Three (180 Hours $1,850)

    Fasteners, Hardware & Wiring; HVAC Controls; Control Circuit and Motor Troubleshooting; Troubleshooting Cooling; Troubleshooting Heat Pumps; Troubleshooting Gas Heating; Troubleshooting Oil Heating; Troubleshooting Accessories; Zoning, Ductless, Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems; Commercial Hydronic Systems; Steam Systems; Retail Refrigeration Systems; Customer Relations; Water Treatment.

  • Year Four (180 Hours $1,850)

    Indoor Air Quality; Energy Conservation Equipment; Building Management Systems; System Air Balancing; System Start Up & Shut Down; Construction Drawings and Specifications; Heating and Cooling System Design; Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration; Alternative and Specialized Heating and Cooling

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