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Meet the Instructor - Royce Hadden, Electrical Apprenticeship Instructor

Royce Hadden has been working in the electrical field since 1999.  He earned his E2 license in 2004 and has held his E1 license since 2006.  Royce owns Hadden Home Services, Inc.  He is an NCCER-certified electrical apprenticeship instructor.

Why did you decide to become an electrician?

I originally got into the electrical field simply because I needed a job.  After a few months working as an apprentice I realized that I could no longer see myself doing anything else.  I woke up excited about work everyday.

What do you love about your job?

The thing I love most about being an electrician is that you can be doing something different everyday and in every phase of a job,  from laying out and installing under ground feeders to punching down data cables at an IDF rack.  There is so much variety in this field that you can only become bored if you decide to.

What do you enjoy about teaching?

One of the greatest things for me about teaching is knowing that the students are receiving a good foundation for their careers as an electrician.

Why should students choose the Construction Education Center?

Based on my schooling, which was not through CEC, one of the big benefits of CEC is that you have more of your time at home.  Granted you are required to be more self motivated to get through the work but my classes were 3 nights a week, 3 hours a night.  I would have much rather done one night in class and the rest of the work on my own schedule at home.  Another benefit that I see is the NCCER accreditation which will let you move your apprenticeship or licensing to many more states if you decided to move, especially with CT not reciprocating with any other states.

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